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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

´╗┐NFLA National Football League Alumni Association

MVP Global Media is proud to be a partner with the NFL Alumni Association focused on two content genres: NFL and alumni player interview podcasts and new music production and music label services and distribution as an enhanced fundraising program for the NFL Alumni Association

DJNFLA is the brand name creation of MVP Global to promote the NFLA with music and podcast content with selected broadcast media partners.

52 Media Group

52 Media Group works with MVP Global Media for blending music (sync music) into fashion productions, cable and television series productions, and movie scores. 


The Toon Studios

Toon Studios is working with MVP Global Media on the monetization of legacy content, including children's music, children's audiobooks, and fairy tale images.


´╗┐Corporate Brand Name Marketing 

Corporate sponsors benefit by working with MVP Global to promote their corporate brands through the new broadcast mediums DJNFLA brings to podcasts and music. MVP management can design corporate sponsorship programs using music and streaming music concerts as a corporate marketing tool to attain maximum brand name awareness with music listening audiences.